Leica S430 Scanning Electron Microscope Comes to Analytics Lounge

So, our Neighbors at Pumping Station: One voted on the disposition of their Scanning Electron Microscope. On Tuesday, March 15th, they formally decided to pass on their Leica S430 SEM to us.

By Saturday of the same week, we were able to scramble the assistance of quite a few people, and collectively, we were able to handle the disassembly, rigging, and transport, to the lab. Upon arriving at PS1, Ryan had shut down the equipment, drained the oil from the vacuum pump, and we had begun the process of disconnecting the various components and packing them for transport. While we were able to anticipate some of what would need to happen, there were other parts of this operation that would only make themselves clear while in the midst of the process. How many other facilities do you know that have neatly organized storage of M5 and M8 screws to help you attach a transport bracket last-minute? PS1 is well equipped across a number of disciplines and trades where such things are possible without the Home-Depot run.

Once on site at the lab, we needed to handle transport off the truck and to somewhere where we could further disassemble the equipment so that we could clean out the years of dust. What I had learned in the process is that scanning electron microscopes are generally left in operation (meaning, at the very least, the vacuum pump is constantly running). So, the move itself presented the rare opportunity of planned downtime, which we took advantage of to get the dust out of the electrical cabinets, and put fresh oil into the Vac pump.

Finally, some video to highlight the process from transport, to cleaning, to: We’ve acquired images!

The operation was ended with Ryan firing it up for the first time in its new home, and examining some tumbler lock pins.